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Granite Restoration

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Expert Granite Repairs & Restoration

At Re-vive Stone we have many years experience in restoring granite.

Services we offer for granite are:

  • Deep cleaning
  • Diamond grinding and honing
  • Diamond polishing
  • Chip and crack repairs
  • Face filling with grout or resin
  • Cutting and shaping
  • Tile replacement
  • Stone replacement
  • Sealing
  • Regular maintenance

Call us to discuss your stone care needs. We offer friendly, no obligation quotations and advice.

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Caring for Granite Surfaces

Although in general granite is not as vulnerable to surface abrasion, chemical damage or staining as other stones a good penetrating stone sealer is still necessary. It’s always a good idea to keep hot items and pans off the surface until cooled. Caustic or acid based products are particularly damaging to some black granites and basalts.

A Guide to Granite

Granite is one of the most important of several igneous rocks. It is composed of a mixture of different minerals and tends to be extremely hard, durable and resistant to chemicals and weathering.

Other igneous rocks used for decorative purposes would be Syenite, Diorite Granodiorite, Gabbro, Norite, Rhyolite, Andesite, Dolerite, Basalt, Tuff and Charnockite.

Of all the stones used for construction and decoration the granites are arguably the hardiest. Granites can withstand the harshest of environmental conditions and chemical damage. This is why granite is such a popular choice for use in the home for practical and hard wearing surfaces such as worktops.

Granite was used for construction by the Egyptians for buildings and statues. It can be found in ancient temples in India through to early Roman and Greek architecture. It is still in use today as a dimensional building stone.

For counter tops there are many colours and finishes available from honed to polished. Other finishes for external use and landscape paving include natural split, sandblasted, bush hammered, sawn and flame finished.