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Natural Stone Sealing

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All natural stone is porous and in general requires sealing. The selection and choice of sealer is best determined by the type of stone that we are treating, although the choice of seal may be considered depending upon aesthetics.

Although there are a multitude of sealers on the market broadly speaking these consist of  two categories of sealer; either penetrating/impregnating sealers or coating sealers.

Impregnating or penetrating sealers are either solvent/water based or urethanes that once applied do not normally change the natural look of the stone.

Urethane sealers sit below the surface of the stone & offer no sheen. They work by reducing porosity & offer no protection to the surface from either abrasion or chemical resistance. There are some that penetrate and enhance the colour in a similar way to a stain on timber.

Coating sealers or (topical seals) can be water based or solvent based. They provide stain, chemical and surface abrasion. They are recommended for interiors due to stain resistance performance & slip resistance, particularly useful for very porous & textured surfaces.

Penetrating Sealer / Colour Enhance

Many of our cleaning products meet today’s need for eco friendly cleaning & sealing solutions.

Coating vs. Natural