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Services we offer for natural stone flooring, stairwells, fireplaces, vanities, worktops, tabletops, walls, splash backs, surrounds, internal, external, and monumental stone work:

Deep cleaning

We offer a thorough and deep cleaning of all stone surfaces using tried and tested methods. It is important to use the correct methods and formulations so as to completely remove stubborn, ingrained soiling safely and effectively without causing irreversible damage to the stone.

Stain removal

We offer stain removal using specialist formulas for all types of stains from oil, cosmetics, paint, inks, wax, iron (rust), food, drink, mould, mildew and many others. Although not strictly speaking stain removal, we can also re-polish acidic dull spots on polished marble.

Tile Lippage Removal

Using specialist stock removal tools for all types of stone and concrete we can remove excessive variations in tile heights between tiles commonly known as lippage. This is important as excessive lippage is unsightly and in extreme cases a trip hazard.  It also makes ongoing maintenance easier.  Removing lippage provides the best possible seamless finish and only has to be completed once in the life of the stone.

Diamond Grinding and Honing

After Lippage removal the next stage in the process of re-finishing the stone is grinding and honing. This process involves various types of diamond tools chosen to remove deeper scratches left from previous heavy grinding from lippage tools. These tools can be used to remove deep scratches caused from wear and tear or in heavy traffic walkways, proceeding through several grades depending upon stone type being worked.  It is extremely important to get this stage correct as when the stone is correctly honed there should be no deep scratches or tool marks visible.  A honed finish is the choice for many if you require little or no shine to the stone and of course less maintenance (re-polishing).

Diamond Polishing

If after honing a polished finish is preferred then we continue through some further finer grades of diamond tools until reaching a satisfactory level of surface polish. The final polish is achieved by polishing with special tools or polish depending upon the stone being worked on.

Surface Texturing

Using specialist tools we are able to re-finish some stones by bush hammering or antiquing. This is useful for providing a unique aesthetic finish or for non -slip purposes externally  for example swimming pool surrounds or patios.

Supply, Cutting & Reshaping, Re-finishing & Installing

Working with local trusted providers and fabricators we can provide bespoke materials and designs to suit you. We can also rework exiting stone to bring it back to its former glory.

Tile Replacement, Repair & Re-grouting

We can provide removal and replacement of cracked or broken tiles/materials, including re-grouting, re-pointing, joint filling and grout re-colouring. We also offer limestone and travertine face filling with grout or resin.

Cleaning, repairs & replacement stone for external monuments and all natural stone, masonry & render

The use of specialist cleaning materials and equipment that is not harsh or destructive should always be used  many monumental and external repairs have often been repaired incorrectly with OPC  or synthetic materials that are not sympathetic the original material and in time can  be problematic to the original material it is important to use where possible original materials and repair materials for preservation

Sealing Stone

With many years working in the stone industry and tried and trusted suppliers we have access to the best sealers available in the UK. We only use professional grade sealers, choosing the correct sealers for the type of stone, application and finish. Whatever your project please call for advice.  Contact Karl on 07737655871.

Regular Maintenance

Often overlooked, but maintenance is key to keeping your stone in top condition. Regular maintenance is important in high foot traffic areas or areas of high wear on polished surfaces. It is even more important for softer stone (polished marble/limestones) and high use counter tops.

The maintenance frequency will very much depend upon use and wear and tear. Please call us as we can tailor a maintenance plan for you.

Contact Karl on 077376558721.