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    Concrete is a composite material that is composed of a coarse aggregate bonded together with relatively fluid cement which hardens after some time.

    Qualities of Concrete

    • Highly durable
    • Very versatile
    • Has proper work finish
    • Benefits of Concrete
    • It has great acoustics
    • High resistant to fire
    • Long lasting due to high durability
    • Can be used for various purposes due to its high versatility
    • Can withstand natural disasters
    • Low maintenance
    • Can be produced and used locally

    Uses of Concrete

    • Widely used in the majority of tunnels, buildings, dams, etc.
    • Extremely affordable when compared to other types of building materials
    • Used in construction of roads, pavements, etc.

    Contact Re-Vive stonecare for all your concrete repair, restoration and installation needs. We offer friendly, no obligation quotations and advice. 01279 315545 or mobile 0773 7655871.

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