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    Re-vive Stone are experts in repairing chips in materials such as engineered quartz, lapitec and dekton.

    We provide a complete repair service and can repair chips to edges and impact chips.

    Engineered Quartz

    Engineered quartz is a composite material made up of crushed stones (quartz) bound together by a strong adhesive material. This stone has grown in popularity over time as many people now realize its immense benefits and quality.

    Qualities of Engineered Quartz

    • More flexible than other kinds of natural stones.
    • Very hard (hardness of 7 on Mohs scale) and durable
    • More resistant to mold than other forms of natural stone
    • Very flexible
    • Can be damaged by direct heat application at temperatures higher than 150oc
    • Sensitive to thermal expansion and contraction

    Benefits of Engineered Quartz

    • Available in different colors hence giving off an aesthetic value on application
    • Constant and uniform color pattern throughout the entire material
    • Very flexible, thus allowing a variety of finishes and edging options
    • It is non-porous, hence resistant to mold and bacteria
    • Doesn’t require extensive maintenance
    • Eco-friendly

    Uses of Engineered Quartz

    • Engineered quartz is perfect for work surfaces due to its hard nature
    • Used to kitchen counter tops
    • Makes excellent gemstones

    Contact Re-vive Stone Care for all your engineered quartz repair, restoration and installation needs from worktops to floors and features and decorative stonework. 01279 315545 or mobile 0773 7655871

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