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This is a coarse-grained, feldspar and quartz bearing igneous rock consisting of mainly crystals. It is formed by the collision of two or more continental masses in volcanic arcs or mountain building. Granite is an intrusive igneous rock (i.e., the magma cools and solidifies underground and forms intrusions and not on the surface of the earth).

Qualities of Granite

  • Granite is massive in size and occurs in different colors
  • Very tough and hard
  • Density of about2.75g/cm3
  • Poor primary permeability

Benefits of Granite

  • Emits no harmful gases or radiation when used
  • Very resistant to heat
  • Has a very high strength and is extremely durable
  • Easy to clean even without the use of cleaning products like bleach

Uses of Granite

  • One of the most common uses of granite is in kitchen counter tops due to its durability and easy to clean nature
  • Used extensively in flooring and wall panels due to its elegant appearance
  • Used in large construction projects either as a structural element or as a decorative veneer
  • Used as street curbing due to its durability
  • Since it doesn’t need to be quarried, it is widely used in the creation of monuments and as slabs

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