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This is a core metamorphic rock formed from the metamorphosis of limestone via heat and pressure. It is mainly composed of calcite but also contains other minerals such as quarts, clay minerals, pyrite, graphite, etc.

Qualities of Marble

  • Has a total hardness of 3 on the Mohs hardness scale
  • It is translucent and can be polished to increase its luster
  • Due to the presence of calcium carbonate (calcite), it is very reactive with many acids
  • It is usually a light colored rock and contains few impurities

Benefits of Marble

  • It is very easy to cut and reshape due to its soft nature
  • Incredibly strong and durable when compared to other stone types
  • It has a timeless elegance
  • It is resistant to heat
  • Has a natural glow and an everlasting appeal

Uses of Marble

  • Widely used in interior design and prestigious architecture due to its appeal and elegance
  • Commonly used as a cemetery marker as it is easy to cut and engrave
  • Effective for acid neutralization
  • Bright white marble can be crushed to powdered form to give a product called “whiting” which is used as a filler and coloring agent in paints, paper, and other products.
  • Widely used in flooring and stairs due to high luster when polished

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