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    Expert Sandstone Repairs

    Contact Re-Vive stonecare for all your sandstone repair, restoration and installation needs from worktops to floors and features and decorative stonework. 01279 315545 or mobile 0773 7655871

    A Guide to Sandstone

    Sandstone is a sedimentary rock made up of mainly sand-sized mineral particles and tiny rock fragments. It is formed from some of the most regular materials found in the earth’s crust by the aggregation of sand layers into heaps.

    Qualities of Sandstone

    • It is very durable
    • Has a high density
    • It is easy to obtain as it is very abundant
    • Its uniform grains have a high degree of hardness

    Benefits of Sandstone

    • Due to its abundance, it is very affordable
    • It can withstand harsh weather conditions due to its high density
    • It is easy to work and install
    • Due to its high durability, it is long-lasting and does not require a lot of maintenance

    Uses of Sandstone

    • Used for domestic and commercial construction purposes
    • Widely used as paving and building material
    • Used to make grindstones for blade sharpening
    • Its arrangements are employed as aquifers

    Re-vive Stonecare are experts in stone repair and restoration. If you require advice on the installation, repair or restoration of any stone or similar material please get in touch.

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