• Telephone number:
    01440 788187
    07737 655871

    E-mail:- info@re-vive.co.uk

    Opening hours:
    Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm

    10am – 12 noon
    Closed on Sundays and all bank holidays





    We can repair, resurface, install or restore all types of stone including the following popular stone types, please click the stone below to read more about it and the repairs we can offer.

    When stone is chipped, cracked or scuffed it does not require replacement, we can offer high quality repairs that repair and restore the damaged area. Wear and tear on floors can be honed and polished out in most cases, and leave a high gloss like new appearance.

    Failing to repair structural stone or garden features can lead to more costly repair work in the future. If water enters the damaged area and freezes it will expand and cause further cracking.

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