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Limestone Restoration

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At Re-vive Stone we have many years experience in restoring limestone.

Services we offer for limestone are:

  • Deep cleaning
  • Diamond grinding and honing
  • Diamond polishing
  • Chip and crack repairs
  • Face filling with grout or resin
  • Cutting and shaping
  • Tile replacement
  • Stone replacement
  • Sealing
  • Regular maintenance

A Guide to Limestone

Limestone is a sedimentary rock composing of non clastic deposits of calcium carbonate from living organism and chemically precipitated from seawater. Fossils and small particles known as oolites and peloids are all cemented together in calcite crystals or chemically by calcareous mud (Micrite). It’s not uncommon to see ancient remains of skeletons, plant life, corals, sponges, bones, teeth and most commonly shells. Such Limestones as Jura marble, Pakistan fossil stone, Purbeck marble and Derbyshire fossil limestone are full of them.

Limestone has been used for thousands of years as early as Egyptian times for Pyramids.  Limestone was used for early plaster and mortar. Throughout the Greek and Roman Empires and India limestone was used extensively. In the UK many buildings in the capital London are of Portland stone. One such famous building is Buckingham Palace and another is St Paul’s cathedral. Limestone has been a popular choice for sculptures and stone carving being soft and easier to work. As a building material it has been used in cladding, external walls, window frames, sills, flagstones, paving, flooring, fireplaces, steps, patios, counter tops and many other architectural applications.

There are many colours sizes and finishes available from honed, polished, brushed, riven, sandblasted, bush hammered, flamed, antique  and tumbled depending upon the application. For example, if a non slip finish is required for a bath, shower or any wet area then a sandblasted or  hammered finish  would be advisable. A rustic tumbled or riven finish is a particularly nice addition to an older style property.

Whatever the project there will be a limestone to suit.