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Terazzo Restoration

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Services we offer for Terrazzo are:

  • Deep cleaning
  • Diamond grinding and honing
  • Diamond polishing
  • Chip and crack repairs
  • Face filling with repair material
  • Sealing
  • Regular maintenance

Terrazzo (Early polished concrete)

There is nothing new under the sun and this is certainly true of modern polished concrete which is now becoming more and more popular. Terazzo is a combination of OPC Ordinary Portland Cement, sand and aggregates. Terazzo is now available that is composed of specialist mixes of micro cements and overlays that are resinous with flexible additives and fines from 3 -8 mm.

But you may be surprised to know that early terrazzo mixed up by cement masons using mortar and left over marble and aggregate was began early in the 18th century in Italy. They used this material to create beautiful floors, walls and pavements that were all polished by hand.

Today most terrazzo is epoxy based having the advantage of being easier and faster to install and less raw materials are needed. Compared to cement, being less thick it’s also more permeable, higher strength, provides more colour choice and less cracking due to movement. And of course modern floor grinders / polishers make the finishing much easier.

It’s also possible to add many coloured recycled aggregate blends including glass, metal, porcelain, concrete and many more intricate designs are now possible.