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Stone Floor Repairs

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Stone floors are generally very hard wearing and really add to the look and feel of a place. While fashions and styles of stone changes over time the problems are similar.

Scuffs and Scratches

Over time in heavy traffic areas stone becomes scuffed and loses it high lustre finish.

Also scratches can appear in the surfaces where items are dragged over the surface.

Stone floors often have damage from spilled liquids which if not dealt with quickly can sink deep into the stone and cause permanent damage and marking. Some products used for cleaning can corrode and damage stone floors so if you are in doubt please call us for advice on what to use on your floor to prevent the need for costly restoration and repair.

Regular cleaning and sealing will help to prevent deeply ingrained damage and protect the stone.

We are able to polish the stone, removing a very thin layer of the surface to remove scratches and we then apply a sealant to protect the stone from further damage.

We recommend regular maintenance to keep your stone floors in top condition and we can offer a regular contract option to take care of this for you and advise you of any additional steps that can be taken to prevent further damage.

Re-vive Stonecare are experts in stone floor repair and restoration. If you require advice on the installation, repair or restoration of any stone floor tiles or similar material please get in touch.

Call us to discuss your stone floor care needs. We offer friendly, no obligation quotations and advice.

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